• I am already enrolled in a paralegal certification program. Do I still need this curriculum?

    Our paralegal module covers employer expectations, law firm organizational structure, communication, billable time entry, working with staff, and more! After all of your hard work in school, learn how to hit the ground running and add value to your position from your first day.

  • I've never worked in a law firm. How will these courses help me?

    Great question. Everyone has to start somewhere, don't they? Our courses help you identify skills you already bring to the table, introduce you to operations and law firm staffing positions, help you prepare for your interview, and give you an opportunity to be a few steps ahead of someone entering a legal career path.

  • Can I take your courses in any order?

    We will not stop you from enrolling in the course of your choice, but we do make recommendations based on experience and suggest prerequisites to help you complete the courses successfully.

  • I am new to law firm management. Do you have courses that will help me?

    Definitely. They are not listed on our course page but are available. Let's Talk: Kathee.nelson@UpSkillLegal.com.

  • What is the difference between a workshop, course, and certificate module?

    • Our COURSES are stand alone offerings and last no more than 60 minutes. They are designed to cover a single topic. • WORKSHOPS last between 2 - 4 hours, and cover a topic more thoroughly, or cover a larger array of topics. • CERTIFICATE MODULES are bundled workshops and lessons and last 4-12 weeks. These courses include weekly quizzes, and a final overall review test with a pass or fail result. Students who pass the final review will be issued a certificate from UpSkill Legal with the date and content studied. • BOOTCAMPS are events geared for a specific audience and provide an overview of responsibilities and expectations.

  • Does UpSkill Legal work directly with Law Firms?

    Absolutely. We have a program for employers who want to offer our curriculum to their staff. This can be done via a special coupon code or other arrangements. Let's talk: kathee.nelson@UpSkillLegal.com.

  • What form of payment do you take?

    You can pay for your course through PayPal and Stripe. You do not need a PayPal account to pay for your order by credit card.

  • Will I receive a grade?

    All UpSkill legal courses receive a 'completion' email once the user has reviewed the entire cirriculum. The certificate modules require 80% or higher on the final exam in order to receive the certificate.