Your Talent, Our Experience, Your Success!

The GAP between what you've studied, the talents you bring with you and how to actually get the job done well can make or break your success. UpSkill Legal FILLS THE GAP with real world experience in law firms - how they function, where you fit into the workflow, best practices, and how to meet expectations. Stand out and get noticed for all the right reasons!

What We Will Cover:

  • Bad Habits & Lost Time

  • Anatomy of a Time Entry

  • Time Entry Terminology

  • Timers & Software Tools

  • Time Entry Language and Accuracy

  • Understanding Profitability & Realization

  • More

This Course is For You If:

  • You struggle to meet your billable goals

  • You are a new timekeeper

  • You work with new attorneys or paralegals and want to help them avoid common missteps

  • You want to increase your net profitability