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The Dilemma: You are done with school, but can't get a foot in the door for an interview in a professional work environment... You are almost done with law school, but have no idea what you will actually be expected to do in your first position... You completed your paralegal certificate (Yay!) but haven't actually had hands-on experience.  Or Maybe: You have been working for several years in a law firm but want to apply for a different position or promotion...


There are amazing opportunities out there right now waiting for you. You don't have to be a lawyer to be successful in the legal industry. UpSkill Legal has courses to prepare you for entry into the legal industry, and to help you UpSkill the skills you already have to next level positions.

Whether you are just entering the workforce or considering a change in employment, the legal industry has career path positions in areas like billing, accounting, customer service, operations, records management, legal assisting and paralegal positions, firm management, and more. 

Law firm leaders can also take advantage of outsourced training for your existing talent through our catalog of courses or something a bit more customized. 

UpSkill Legal also offers one-on-one mentoring at an hourly rate. For more information on coaching, contact

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Kathee Nelson, CLM

Owner, UpSkill Legal, LLC


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"UpSkill Legal can be a valuable resource for smaller firms, enabling them to offer big firm services to their employees."

"... a valuable resource for smaller firms..."

E.Cunningham, law firm Executive Director

I've known Kathee Nelson for many years and serve with her on the Board of Directors for the Oregon Association of Legal Administrators. Firm administrators and directors often have a limited amount of time and resources for coaching and training. A resource like UpSkill Legal can help firms keep promising employees motivated and shorten the learning curve for new attorneys and staff. UpSkill Legal can be a valuable resource for smaller firms, enabling them to offer big firm services to their employees.

"...thanks to her career coaching, I was prepared to delivery excellent results..."

C.Buck, Information Security Officer

I had zero experience working in the legal industry or the civilian sector when I started working with Kathee at UpSkill Legal, LLC. Kathee’s mentorship has been instrumental in my professional development. Thanks to her career coaching, I was prepared to deliver excellent results when entrusted with leadership opportunities.